* Please play the game in full-screen, as for some reason the camera is incredibly zoomed in for itch * 

Pekoe is a tea-crafting and relaxation simulation game set in a countryside town of tea shops run by cats. Inspired by farming and community simulation games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Cooking Mama and Animal Crossing, the game focuses on promoting wellness and self care through thoughtful narrative and satisfying game feel. 

This is our latest prototype that focuses on the game feel of the tea making mechanics. In this prototype you can:

- Grab, drag and throw objects in space that react to the heights of other objects

- Snap objects to snappable areas (lid to teapot, cup to saucer)

- Pour tea when teapot is near pour target (teacup, other teapot)

- Fill teapot with water from spout 

- Pour milk into tea, changing the tea colour


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